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Mackenzie of Glen Muick Coat of Arms

The Genealogy of Mackenzie of Glen Muick

Glenmuick Loch

Glen Muick

This PDF details the genealogy and family trees of Mackenzie of Glen Muick: Click this link to download the PDF.

The PDF is quite big at about 30MB so depending on your internet connection it might take a few moments to download.

Mackenzie Memorial Website

The remarkable "Mackenzie Memorial Project" undertaken by the Ballater Local History Group and the "Very Special Day" - 1st November 2015.

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Guy Mackenzie

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Faringdon Tower & Blue John Caverns and Mine

Guy tried to buy this folly in 1972. The surveyor's bill for the structural survey and submitting a planning application... just £22!

For the full story see pages 136 and 137 in the book! Faringdon Folly also has a website dedicated to it with lots of useful information about it:

And in 1970, Guy visited the "World Famous" Blue John Caverns and Mine. Full story on page 140 of the book!

More from Guy's book...

Pages 44, 46 & 47: include the story with pictures of "the English Girl" who Guy met in France in 1964 (Guy briefly became her "Knight in Shining Armour"!).
July 2023 update: by chance her identity can now be revealed - June Kerr of Brockley, London!

Pages 95 & 96 plus 107 & 108: tell the story of Herland Barns & The Small Single Storey Barn where Guy's "longest serving tenant" was single mum Mandy who moved in during the 1990s with young daughter, Charlotte.
July 2023 update: Charlotte Michelson (just 31) and her partner, Nathan, are now fabulously successful business owners of Property, Restaurants and online shop Her Pink Moon (!!

Matriculation of Arms Mackenzie of Glenmuick 21st October 1971

Malcolm R. Innes of Edingight Lyon Clerk & Keeper of Records.

Matriculation of Arms Mackenzie of Glenmuick 21st October 1971

M.V. Lochinvar

The ferry M.V. Lochinvar in service

The M.V. Lochinvar was the Oban to Mull ferry until the 1950s. The photo to the right shows the ferry while it was in service.

Poem by Sir Walter Scott, Paintings by J. Carey

Photographed by the Navy Fleet Photographic Unit and kept on display at Lochinvar Block, Rosyth Dockyards. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

These paintings were displayed in the saloon of the M.V. Lochinvar while owned by MacBraynes (now Caledonian MacBraynes) and was the ferry between Oban and the Isle of Mull.

In the following gallery, click on the small pictures to see larger versions.

The Sad End of the M.V. Lochinvar

After being sold and renamed "Anzio", the ferry was lost in a gale with the loss of thirteen lives!

Note from the press report as published in the Grimsby Telegraph: "Board of Trade Condition which included: the voyage should be made in fine weather with no cargo or passengers to be carried."

Note by Guy Mackenzie: Perhaps we were lucky on the sailing from Oban to Mull as there were always passengers and usually up to four cars!!

The two images below are taken from the press report, click on them to see larger versions.

The Innes of Balvenie

The following smaller PDFs detail the Innes side of the family:

'The Innes of Balvenie' PDF was researched and written by Berowald Innes whose memoirs can be read in the following PDF, 'The Memoirs of Berowald Innes'.

The Innes of Balvenie: Click this link to download the PDF (156KB).

The Memoirs of Berowald Innes: Click this link to download the PDF (185KB).

The Family Chronicles of Berowald Innes: Click this link to download the PDF (20KB).

Photo of the Genealogy of the Male Descendants of Berowald, Lord of Innes.

Foster-Forbes Family Connections

These three PDFs provide information about the Foster-Forbes family connections:

The Foster-Forbes Family Connections Compiled by Jean Douglas-Wood in 2014: Click this link to download the PDF (638KB).

Pamela (Pam) Forbes - Memories of Guy Mackenzie: Click this link to download the PDF (106KB).

Some of the descendants of John Foster-Forbes of Rothiemay Castle, Banffshire.
A lighthearted and amusing recollection written by Elizabeth Kathrine Mary Mackenzie (nee Innes, Guy Mackenzie's mother): Click this link to download the PDF (1.5MB).

Innes of Raemoir

With thanks to Sir Peter Innes Bt. for providing this information:

Alexander Berowald Innes of Raemoir: Click this link to download the PDF (13KB).

James William Guy Innes of Raemoir: Click this link to download the PDF (125KB).

Innes of Raemoir Pedigree: Click this link to download the PDF (24KB).

Soldier, Sailor, Weaver, Baronet by Christian Innes.
Corriegenda by Sir Peter Innes Bt.: Click this link to download the PDF (96KB).

A Memoir of Family Life in the First Twenty Years of the 20th Century as Remembered by RGBI (Sir Berwald Innes Bt. father of Sir Peter Innes Bt.): Click this link to download the PDF (102KB).

Forbes & Innes Family Tree

Below is a photo gallery of the Forbes & Innes Family Tree. Click (or tap) on a thumbnail to see larger versions of the photos.

To navigate through the gallery, click on the next or previous arrows. If you are on a tablet or phone, simply swipe left or right.

The gallery can be closed by clicking or tapping the 'X' in the top right of the screen.

Photos kindly provided by Sir Peter Innes Bt.

The King Family Connections: The King Family (68KB)